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Selecting the right palette for your nursery

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Selecting the right palette for your nursery

At Tiny Collections, we believe in setting the right mood to a room based on choosing particular tones and colour schemes. When choosing a style for a particular room or nursery, it’s great to start off with a basic question: what kind of mood do you wish to evoke upon entering?

Do you wish to have a peaceful, calm feeling when you’re in the room or perhaps be inspired each time you enter with some bold, bright colours?

Even though we are currently seeing a return to a more simplistic look in terms of nursery designs, there is a wide variety of different styles you can opt for when selecting the colour scheme of your baby’s nursery. This can range from the simple, clean all-white look used often in nurseries, to a more bombastic and bright style. This would involve infusing statement colours whilst maintaining a uniform look.

Let’s start from the all-white blank canvas. The great advantage of having this kind of backdrop is that it allows you to adjust and tweak by changing accessories over time. Add to this a few select prints with subtle pastels and you’ve brought the room to life while still maintaining that simplistic look. Alternatively, you could opt for the more obvious monochrome statement pieces like hand-drawn quotes.

If you find the all-white backdrop somewhat clinical, you may wish to use a palette of pastel colours which are very in at the moment. Think pale corals, pale teals, pale blues, pinks & yellows. These tend to be on the gender-neutral side and are lovely and bright, yet not too jarring, for a baby’s room. Our Pastel series are a perfect example of using this blend of colours.

As your little one grows into a more active, fun-loving child, you may wish to add a bold pop of colour to evoke their imagination and add some fun to the room. Bold does not necessarily have to be jarring if you select the right blend of colours to complement each other. We find that almost any range of colours can match and look good together if you stick to similar tones

Visit our Products page to see the full range of prints available at Tiny Collections. You’re sure to find something to suit any style and backdrop you choose for your child’s bedroom or playroom.